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In order to truly achieve "customer service, the user is responsible for customer satisfaction," the aim to improve WENBA electrical products in the country status and user profile, WENBA product from design start on the introduction of the service concept, content services extend to products design, manufacture, marketing and service sectors in this series. WENBA user-centric, and strengthen the work of the full implementation of the services, "customer satisfaction" and, for each one WENBA users seriously take 100 points! Establish a good corporate image among users, in order to gain the user's welcome, and expand domestic and foreign markets and increase the competitiveness of enterprises.

1. The establishment and improvement of corporate quality assurance system, strengthen quality management to ensure that products manufactured to meet the technical conditions specified in the national industry standards or contract.
2. In order to focus on projects supporting equipment and products to ensure that the contract requires delivery, the need for technical services will send professionals to participate unpacking acceptance and guidance installation, commissioning work until the normal operation of equipment.
3. To ensure that provide users with an excellent pre-sales, after-sales service. In order for users to introduce performance before and use requirements, to provide relevant information, a good user staff.
4. according to the user's needs and technical training, the quality of important user tracking, user access, and improve our performance based on user needs, and constantly improve product quality.
5. WENBA product from the date of purchase, the products enjoy a year warranty, lifelong maintenance.
6. The city will be within four hours, arrived at the scene within 24 hours in the field, to ensure the fastest solution.
7. Quanguolianbao, users from different places when WENBA purchased product fails, WENBA company will immediately contact the dealer for service user location, to provide users with maximum convenience.
8. Technical Professional user training and online support.
Favorable terms available
1. The warranty period of quality problems, as does the product itself causes, I will provide free services.
2. The warranty period of quality problems, such as caused by customers, our company will provide preferential paid services.
3. Quality problems after shelf life, my company is willing to continue to provide preferential service.