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WYJ direct current voltage regulator

Our advantages

Our main products:voltage regulators/stabilizers, UPS, inverters, transformers and so on
Experience:Ten years has passed by, our company has developed as a producer, designer and exporter of power source products
Our market: Southeast Asia,Russia, Africa, Middle East, Europe,etc.
Our company welcome your orders on these products.

Introductions of product

WYJ series DC voltage regulatIion source is the universal apparatus which assembled by intergrated components,DC current voltage grating continous adjustment,reliable stablization,current-limiting protecting,simple structure,convenient maintain,source steady and fine ripple coefficient,low-noise ,small volume,it is divided into single route,double route and multi route output separately.

usage situations

Widely used in post and telecommunication, reseach institutions, institutions of high education, industrial manufacture and automatical equitments.


1)Input voltage: AC220V±10%
2)Output voltage:DC1.25-30v,1.25V-60Vcontinuous adjustable(fixed output trimming)
4)Output current:1A,2A,3A,5A,10A,15A,20A,25A,30A,40A,50A,100A 
5)Voltage regulated rate:0.5%
6)Ambient temperature:-10centigrates ~+40centigrates
7)Relative humidity: <80%
8) ripple rejection ratio:65DB
9) Voltage adjustment rate:0.5%
10)current adjustment rate:1%


red end is positive electrode,black end is negative electrode and GND is grounding
set the volatge selection switch in the smallest scope usage voltage,if the usage voltage is 9V,the selection switch should be in 10V,set the voltage to the rated voltage,if need the precise value,please use the precision measurement instrument calibration.
The same two specification instrument series connection,the output voltage is the sum of double output voltage,it also can be used in parallel.
good quality and best price, custom-made is also accepted
Products Models are below or you can give me your demands    

WYJ2A 15V single route WYJ50A 15V double route
WYJ3A 15V single routeWYJ2A 30V double route
WYJ5A 15V single routeWYJ3A 30V double route
WYJ10A 15V single routeWYJ5A 30V double route
WYJ15A 15V single routeWYJ10A 30V double route
WYJ20A 15V single routeWYJ15A 30V double route
WYJ30A 15V single routeWYJ20A 30V double route
WYJ50A 15V single routeWYJ30A 30V double route
WYJ2A 30V(36V) single routeWYJ40A 30V double route
WYJ3A 30V(36V) single routeWYJ50A 30V double route
WYJ5A 30V(36V) single routeWYJ2A 60V double route
WYJ10A 30V(36V) single routeWYJ3A 60V double route
WYJ15A 30V single routeWYJ5A 60V double route
WYJ20A 30V single routeWYJ10A 60V double route
WYJ20A 30V single routeWYJ20A 60V double route
WYJ30A 30V single routeWYJ30A 60V double route
WYJ40A 30V single routeWYJ2A 12V single route
WYJ50A 30V single routeWYJ3A 12V single route
WYJ2A 60V single routeWYJ5A 12V single route
WYJ3A 60V single routeWYJ10A 12V single route
WYJ5A 60V single routeWYJ15A 12V single route
WYJ10A 60V single routeWYJ20A 12V single route
WYJ20A 60V single routeWYJ30A 12V single route
WYJ30A 60V single routeWYJ40A 12V single route
WYJ50A 60V single routeWYJ50A 12V single route
WYJ2A 150V single routeWYJ100A 12V single route
WYJ3A 150V single routeWYJ150A 12V single route
WYJ5A 150V single routeWYJ200A 12V single route
WYJ10A 150V single routeWYJ2A 24V single route
WYJ20A 150V single routeWYJ3A 24V single route
WYJ2A 220V single routeWYJ5A 24V single route
WYJ3A 220V single routeWYJ10A 24V single route
WYJ5A 220V single routeWYJ15A 24V single route
WYJ10A 220V single routeWYJ20A 24V single route
WYJ20A 220V single routeWYJ30A 24V single route
WYJ2A 300V single routeWYJ50A 24V single route
WYJ3A 300V single routeWYJ100A 24V single route
WYJ5A 300V single routeWYJ150A 24V single route
WYJ10A 300V single routeWYJ200A 24V single route
WYJ20A 300V single routeWYJ2A 48V single route
WYJ2A 15V double routeWYJ3A 48V single route
WYJ3A 15V double routeWYJ5A 48V single route
WYJ5A 15V double routeWYJ10A 48V single route
WYJ10A 15V double routeWYJ20A 48V single route
WYJ20A 15V double routeWYJ30A 48V single route
WYJ30A 15V double routeWYJ50A 48V single route
WYJ50A 15V double routeWYJ100A 48V single route


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